• IBP-Buttonmaschine Modell 506-Kompakt mit Schwenkwerkzeug - mia mai

    IBP button machine model 506-Compact with swivel tool

    If you are looking for an optimized and reliable button machine for the production of 25 mm buttons, you will find the ideal partner in...

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  • Buttonmaschine USA mit rotem Griff - mia mai

    USA button machine with red handle

    Making buttons yourself is fun and enables the production of individual buttons for your own needs. If you regularly need buttons with different motifs, you...

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  • Badgematic Buttonmaschine Typ 900 - mia mai

    Badgematic button machine type 900

    BADGEMATIC TYPE 900 BUTTON MACHINE The button machine type 900 Badgematic is a button machine that can also be found on the internet under the...

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