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Still need a fan jersey to support your team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil? Here we explain how you can do this on a very small budget.

The Soccer World Cup in Brazil captivates all of Germany. Whether at a public viewing, with work colleagues or at home with family and friends - every game of the German team is followed by millions of viewers, and especially in a group.

The sale of fan merchandise at such major events reaches record levels. And with a little creativity, you can also make buttons yourself that give your fan outfit the finishing touch.

Here is an idea for the inexpensive fan outfit

The 80 euros for a fan jersey are too expensive for you? As a cheap alternative, you could put on a t-shirt or shirt in the color of your favorite team, which should be available for significantly less money - and with a button "customize".

And this is how it works:

  • Get a matching t-shirt or shirt (e.g. white for the DFB team)
  • Create a design template with our online designer
  • Turn it into a Ruck Zuck button
  • Attach button to t-shirt or shirt - done!

This is what a low-budget fan jersey for the DFB selection could look like:

Fussball Logo erstellen

How to create the button with our online button designer:

Logobutton online erstellen

Where can I get my team's logos?

You can get logos for almost every soccer team on Wikipedia.

Here is the entry for the German national soccer team on Wikipedia, including the team logo.

These are in principle protected by copyright. For private use, however, there shouldn't be any problems if you use these logos as templates for your button designs. “Because trademark law only punishes violations in the commercial sector. In addition, the risk of violating third-party naming rights as a private individual is very low.” (Michael Rohrlich: Social Media – Rights and Obligations for Users, 2013, p.101).

It should also be borne in mind that the rights holders are non-profit organizations. However, there should be no risk of legal problems (although we cannot provide legal advice here - and each individual case would have to be checked).

Using the same procedure, you can of course also create fan jerseys for football clubs (FC Bayern fan jersey with a red t-shirt as a basis, BVB fan jersey with a yellow t-shirt as a basis, etc.) or for other sports (handball , basketball). As always when creating buttons with our Button Designer, there are no limits to your imagination!

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