Buttons zum Valentinstag - mia mai

Valentine's day buttons

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Buttons zum Valentinstag - mia mai

Valentine's Day is the "festival of lovers". For this we have created a set of typical button motifs - which of course you can use all year round!

The Valentine's Day, which is always on 14. February is celebrated in most Christian countries as the “Feast of Lovers”. In addition, it has also been able to establish itself in other cultures in recent decades - in China, too, younger couples in particular use it to assure their mutual affection.

Info about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has its origins in the person of the martyr Saint Valentine, who lived in the third century and was bishop of the Italian city of Terni. He is said to have converted soldiers to Christianity and also married them - both of which were strictly forbidden to the legionnaires. On February 14, 269, by order of Emperor Claudius II, he was beheaded for his faith. He gave the newlyweds flowers from his garden as gifts – and to this day, flowers, preferably roses, are still popular gifts on Valentine's Day.

We thought that we would design a couple of Valentine buttons for this occasion. Here we have orientated ourselves on typical Valentine's Day motifs (or better love motifs).

Heart button for Valentine's Day

Valentintstag Button mit Herz

The heart is THE symbol for love and togetherness par excellence. Easy to design, but still our favorite!

The teddy bear

Kuschelteddy Button

Time to cuddle – just like a teddy bear, men or women want to hug their partner. Valentine's Day is the best time to do it!

Cupid hits the heart with his arrows

Amor Liebes Button

Cupid is the Roman god of love (in Greek mythology he is called Eros). He is usually depicted as a boy who, armed with a bow and arrow, can inspire love between people.

Have fun with our motifs for your Valentine's Day buttons!

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