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Frohe Ostern mit unseren Osterbuttons! - mia mai

Happy Easter with our Easter buttons!

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Frohe Ostern mit unseren Osterbuttons! - mia mai

Easter is coming. We have come up with some new button designs that you are welcome to use as is or as creative inspiration! We wish all customers of Mia Mai a happy Easter 2015!

After our Christmas buttons triggered positive feedback, we would also like to make some button suggestions for the second big church festival Easter. As always, you are welcome to use our designs, but it would be at least as nice if you were creatively “stimulated” by these examples and came up with your own ideas. With our Online Button Designer this is not a problem at all...

The Easter Bunny

Hase mit Ei

A “classic” for Easter. Even if the question of where the bunny got the eggs from still could not be solved... Here we have created two color variants. This is easy to do with the Button Designer, for example you can choose a different color for each guest, which is then reflected in the table decoration. Or simply blue Easter buttons for men, pink ones for women...

Osterhase Button

The Easter bunny again, here in a different accent color.

Easter basket with eggs

Osterkorb Button

If the Easter bunnies are too childish for you, you might like these buttons. The basket of Easter eggs is another typical Easter theme.

Easter eggs with chicks

Ostereier mit Küken

Has the chick hatched from an Easter egg yet? We shouldn't overdo it with the question "What does the artist want to tell us with that" and just be happy about the successful choice of color of this button design.

Happy Easter!

And now it's your turn! Perhaps you now have an idea of ​​which button you can create for the Easter next Sunday. This is how you bring joy to young and old. Enjoy!

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