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Frühlingsbuttons gegen Wintermüdigkeit! - mia mai

Spring buttons against winter fatigue!

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Frühlingsbuttons gegen Wintermüdigkeit! - mia mai

No more winter - the rising temperatures and the awakening fauna and flora ensure spring feelings. And our "Spring" button series does the rest, so that all friends of attractive button designs get into the spring mood. Bonus: A little poem!

Spring is here! Slowly but surely the temperatures are rising and invite you to go for long walks, barbecues together and more. So that the readers of the Mia Mai blog can get into the right spring mood, we have once again designed a few buttons and would like to present them here:

The Snowdrop

Schneeglöckchen Button
One of the most well-known types of flowers in German gardens is the snowdrop. It has the reputation of being the herald of spring, because no other native flower blooms so early. So ideal for a button that should drive away the winter!

A blue tit greets...

Frühling und Vogel- Button

...and chirps happily - because spring is a happy time for birds too. Because now there is finally enough food to be found again. Can you imagine spring without the singing of the flock of birds? Hardly likely. Therefore, a corresponding button is needed to complete our spring series.

Flower Game

Marienkäfer mit Blume Button

A little ladybug has to decide to take a closer look at these crocus blossoms. The crocus is also a typical spring flower. If the crocus blooms like on this button, then spring has already begun - or vice versa...

We hope this spring mix has got you in the right mood. And finally, a small poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – perhaps one of the best-known German spring or flower poems ever! Have fun with it:


I walked in the forest
So for myself,
And to look for nothing,
That was my intention.

In the shade I saw
a little flower,
Shining like stars,
Like beautiful eyes.

I wanted to break it,
Then it says fine:
Am I to wither

I dug it up with all the
I carried it to the garden
at the pretty house.

And plant it again
In a quiet place;
Now it always branches
And continues to bloom.

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