Let's go Europe! - mia mai

Let's go Europe!

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Let's go Europe! - mia mai

European metropolises in button form: Our designer immortalized the respective landmarks for Berlin, London and Paris as buttons. Have fun with it!

Just in time for the twenty-fifth anniversary of German unity, we would like to present some city buttons from European metropolises today. Not only Berlin with the Brandenburg Gate, but also Paris and London are brought into button form by our designer. All three cities have striking buildings that are well known around the world and immediately connect to the respective metropolis.

Berlin and Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is in the headlines again, because this is where the German-German division was most clearly visible. Here in November 1989 people danced on the Wall and the celebrations of German unity took place at the Brandenburg Gate. The annual New Year's Eve party, probably the largest New Year's party in Europe, also takes place here. It was already built between 1788 and 1791.

London and Big Ben

London Button

London's Big Ben, situated on the banks of the River Thames, is part of the Palace of Westminster, the building in which the two parliamentary chambers of the United Kingdom meet. Actually, the name means the largest bell that is installed in the tower and contributes to the oh-so-typical Westminster sound. And it has been doing so since July 11, 1859.

Paris and Eiffel Tower

Paris Button

The iron lattice tower rises a full 324 meters into the Parisian sky. It was built between 1887 and 1889 for the World Exhibition in Paris and was then supposed to be dismantled. However, in a short time it became so popular that it was abandoned. Fortunately - because today it is the landmark of the Seine metropolis and has even been a listed building since 1964. Over the years, the popularity of the Eiffel Tower has grown, as can be seen from the increasing number of visitors - today it is climbed by over six million tourists and locals every year.

These three European metropolises are as different as their landmarks. But Berlin, London and Paris have something in common: they are all worth a visit!

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