Even more holiday buttons!

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Here we have more button designs that make you want to go on vacation! Beach ball button and cocktail button create a good mood!

The summer holidays started on August 30th and 31st in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. That means: At the moment there are school holidays in all federal states! So the peak of the holiday season has arrived.

And after our holiday buttons in the last blog post Buttons for the holiday met with a good response, we're going to top it off and present two more buttons today that we designed especially for the hot season. And it's really hot in Germany - a record summer is driving old and young into the outdoor pools - if you haven't (yet) gone on vacation.

Have fun on the beach with the beachball button

Strandball Button

Whether this is really a beach ball or a water polo is left to the viewer's imagination. But the colors of this button design make it clear that you can have fun with it on land as well as on water! This button can be used, for example, in group games. With magnetic buttons, the current game results can always be displayed. And the team that has five balls first (that is, has won five times) wins the grand prize!

Absolutely non-alcoholic - the cocktail button

In this heat you should drink a lot! And this delicious cocktail button makes you want more - maybe not always without alcohol for adults... This button design is ideal as a small welcome gift for guests at summer parties. That's how you get in the mood at the entrance!

More button designs will follow!

This concludes our summer series for the time being. But these will not be the last button designs that we present here. We at Mia Mai hope that they will find friends and serve as inspiration for even better designs, which can then be realized with our free online button designer!

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