Sind die Ruck-Zuck Buttons wasser- und schmutzfest? - mia mai

Are the Ruck-Zuck buttons waterproof and dirt-resistant?

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Sind die Ruck-Zuck Buttons wasser- und schmutzfest? - mia mai

Can the Ruck-Zuck buttons also be used outside, are they protected against water and dirt?


Hello! I came across your site because I don't own a button machine but would like to make a few buttons every now and then, I think the idea with the Ruck-Zuck buttons is great! I just have one question: are the buttons water/dirt proof? The pictures do not show whether the paper placed between the plastic film is safe from water and/or dirt. The buttons would also be worn outside and I need to know if a few raindrops could damage the motifs.


You can safely wear the buttons outdoors and if it should rain, the paper insert with the motif is well protected from moisture. The top and bottom of the button are made of plastic. The paper insert is placed between the upper and lower part. The two plastic parts are then pressed together and are very tight.

However, the buttons are not waterproof. This means that if they fall into a puddle, for example, the paper insert could draw water.

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