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Tutorial: Make Ruck Zuck Buttons

, 1 min reading time

The production of Ruck Zuck buttons with button paper is very easy. Here we explain step by step for the buttons to paint and for the button templates created with our free online button designer.

Here we explain the production of Ruck Zuck buttons with button paper. It's really very easy!

If you want to make individual Ruck Zuck buttons with button paper for yourself or a friend, you will find the necessary information and tips here in this small tutorial. There are generally two ways to make badges: painting and printing. To express your own creativity and underline your talent for drawing, opt for the hand-painted buttons.

Everything to do in this case can be described in 3 simple steps:

Create hand-painted buttons

  1. Paint the paper circles by hand (with any pen, brush, stamp,...)
  2. Put these paper circles between the top and bottom of the button
  3. Press the button together - done!

And please don't worry if you don't feel like painting! When it comes to button production, this is no problem at all. The right alternative for you would then be the Ruck Zuck buttons for printing. With minor differences, everything else proceeds in the same order:

Make buttons with printed button designs

  1. Create your unique button design with the help of the Online Button Designer. Full instructions for using the software online can be found here on our blog.
  2. Print out the button designs on button paper.
  3. Pull out the paper circles with your hands.
  4. Put them in the two button parts and press together - done!

The pre-purchased paper inserts are finely die-cut to fit snugly into the button without slipping. You'll make sure on the first try that assembly is child's play.

You can find the Ruck Zuck buttons in the following sizes, shapes and types: 30 mm and 56 mm with safety pin; 56mm with plastic clip and oval (77 x 31mm) with safety pin. The Ruck Zuck buttons are transparent, resealable and made in Germany. Some come with a sturdy needle and some come with a clip. The thickness of the paper is usually 80 g/m² or 90 g/m².

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