Unterschied zwischen USA- und EU-Buttonrohlingen - mia mai

Difference between USA and EU button blanks

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Unterschied zwischen USA- und EU-Buttonrohlingen - mia mai

Again and again the question arises as to the difference between USA and EU button blanks. In this blog post we explained it briefly!

If you want it to be very professional or want to produce large numbers of buttons, you can't do without a button machine. These are "fed" with button blanks and can thus complete larger button orders in a short time. Since these are relatively simply constructed mechanical devices, it is also possible for a layman to produce buttons in this way.

Different button blanks

It should be noted that the different button machines can only be fitted with the button blanks intended for them. The most common are the USA button blanks and the EU button blanks. A popular button machine series that requires USA button blanks is, for example, this USA button machine with a red handle:

USA Buttonmaschine

There is no "known" manufacturer of the USA button making machine, so no brand can be named here.

USA button blanks

The button blanks offered at Mai Mai in the USA configuration have a diameter of 25 mm and are made of tinplate. The individual components of the button are the upper part, the lower part, the curved needle and the plastic film. The original USA button blanks are not suitable for the production of buttons with other presses, for example button machines from ASTOR, Badgematic / Transmatic or other English manufacturers.

EU button blanks

Other button blanks are required for European manufacturers of button machines (e.g. Badgematic Type 900 and Badgematic Type 1600). The term EU buttons has become common for these. This is also not an official designation, but it is used as such in the professional world. Mia-mai.de ​​does not sell original Badgematic button blanks, but high-quality button blanks that are suitable for Badgematic button machines.

We are here for you!

If you are not sure which button blanks to order for your button machines, support from Mia Mai will be happy to help you. We need the most accurate information possible about your button machine, such as the official product name. If one is not recognizable, a few photos will help us in an emergency, from which we can see whether your button machine requires USA button blanks or EU button blanks.

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