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              For people who like to be creative and find relaxation in handicrafts or painting, these specimens offer a great opportunity for the individual production of buttons. The buttons are delivered to your home in individual parts together with paper inserts and only have to be folded and pressed together.

              Get creative and make beautiful unique pieces by using button paper to paint. You can find these at mia-mai.de ​​in the right size to insert into your button. This means that the paper circles come to you already punched out. This saves you the hassle of cutting out with a circle cutter. All you have to do is grab your pencils and paint.

              If you plan to produce large quantities of buttons quickly and easily and do not have the time to design them graphically by hand, we recommend our printable buttons to make yourself.

              Many uses for the button - also for children

              But these buttons are not only suitable for quick production. The Ruck Zuck buttons for painting are ideal for creative projects with buttons and pins for children. Let the children create their own buttons with markers and colored pencils. Only the smaller children will need your help with the production by inserting and squeezing the paper inserts. And since no button machine is required for production, the production of the button is also suitable for a spontaneous creative activity in kindergarten, school or at home.

              The easy handling enables you to spend a creative afternoon making Ruck Zuck buttons for painting, not only with children. You can use the buttons, for example, to look after disabled people or seniors whose abilities are restricted due to illness or other aspects. Even these people can make creative buttons and take home a small sense of achievement in the form of a pretty plastic button according to their own creative taste.

              Simply put together the desired button yourself

              In order to be able to get creative with the Ruck Zuck buttons for painting, you can use our item configurator to optimize your order. Simply enter the button type with size and desired quantity as well as the number of punched-out paper circles for the Ruck Zuck buttons for painting. The paper circles come to you as a paper blank with 80g/m2 in various colors of your choice, where you can start making your buttons straight away.

              Have fun designing your new buttons!


              • Durchmesser: 56 mm
              • Oberteile: Rund gewölbt
              • Einleger: Ausgestanzte Papierkreise
              • Papierstärke: 170g/m²
              • Unterteile: Mit montierter Sicherheitsnadel
              • Herkunftsland: Deutschland


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