Make mia mai Buttons yourself with a needle and A4 button paper

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              mia mai buttons for creative button design

              Make your own buttons in just 4 steps:

              1. Design buttons with the Button Designer
              2. Print button designs on button paper
              3. Remove paper circles with your hands
              4. Put into button parts & press together!

              You need buttons for the children's birthday party or name tags for the upcoming celebration? The Ruck Zuck buttons make your work easier. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get creative with making your own buttons.

              The shapely Ruck Zuck buttons come to you in ready-made individual parts. The front and back of the button are then simply taken in the hands, the paper circle placed in the middle and the blank pressed together. Your awesome buttons are ready to use.

              Make buttons yourself - simply uncomplicated

              To make it easier for you to design the buttons by printing the paper, we offer you the Button Designer free of charge. This allows you to make the buttons yourself and simply print your individual motifs and lettering on the button paper. After printing, these can be easily pressed out through the applied perforation. Now all you have to do is insert the button paper into the Ruck Zuck button and close it by pressing it together.

              Despite all the ease of use and the low price, the Ruck Zuck buttons are not cheap imported goods. The shapely, slightly curved plastic buttons produced in Germany are made of high-quality transparent plastic styrene-butadiene, which, unlike other plastics of this type, does not contain chlorine! In addition, the reusability proves the high quality of the do-it-yourself buttons: While cheap goods can often no longer be opened without damage after they have been closed once, you can exchange the paper on the inside of the Ruck Zuck buttons. Simply open, insert new paper and close again.

              Versatile - buttons for every need

              The buttons can be attached to any fabric with either a safety pin or a plastic clip. There are many different uses: as name tags at events, participation buttons for carnival or trade fairs, as medals at children's birthday parties or as creative buttons on bags, jackets and much more. By the way: The button papers can also be painted by hand - great fun, not just for children.

              The safety pin offers a secure hold without slipping. However, we recommend choosing the plastic clip for use with children or on festive occasions (finer clothing fabrics) in order to avoid damage from the metal needle. The buttons are available either in a round (56 or 30 mm diameter) or in an oval shape. You can stock up on Ruck Zuck buttons in our shop and make your own buttons even in small quantities - the smallest packaging unit is 50 pieces.


              • Oberteile: Rund gewölbt
              • Einleger: Randperforierte Kreise auf A4-Papier
              • Papierstärke: 170g/m²
              • Unterteile: Mit montierter Sicherheitsnadel
              • Herkunftsland: Deutschland


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